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Stand out above all others and be seen by those that matter most. Google AdWords and others similar are hit & miss with their “pay-per-click” and “impression” advertising campaigns. Money is wasted by paying for impressions that are viewed by those that have no interest in your product. Front table of New Books advertising goes directly to the source – the writers and readers. 

Front Table of New Books is designed to put only a few in the forefront. This goes for adverting as well. Advertising space is limited and on a first come, first served basis. Ad space is limited and demand for these spaces are high. We will not be adding any more slots for advertising space in the future because we do not want the subscribers to be inundated with ad’s that distract from paid book slots. The rates for ad space will increase with each 50,000 subscribers. However, we do believe in loyalty to our customers. Advertisers that continually use Front Table of New Books will be locked into the original rate for advertising that they started with when they began their advertising campaign. This rate plan will not be honored for those that lapse six months between campaigns. At which time, the advertiser will be subject to the price increases. 

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