A Memoir Mosaic: The Europe of my Heart
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Genres: Christian Living, Non Fiction, Religion & Spirituality
Publisher: Empire Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: 114 pages
ASIN: 1494926121
ISBN: 9781494926120

A Missionary’s Fantastic Journey Around the World.
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About the Book
About the Author
Barbara Klien

Author Barbara Klein has traveled the world as a Christian Bible teacher and scholar. Her books and poems reflect her life as a Missionary for 30 + years. “A Memoir Mosaic: The Europe of my Heart” is a charming and visual snapshot of the author’s impressions that come out of her personal experiences over a period of 30 years in 13 countries. Its descriptions present thoughtful pictures that the reader may savor and develop in his or her own mind as it allows space for the reader’s reflection. It can be taken up and read for just a few moments and then taken up again after time and not require the reader’s remembrance of details in order to continue to enjoy it. Many people say they enjoyed it a second time because it’s such a pleasant read.

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