Mages of Light
$12.45eBook: $3.99
Genres: Fantasy, Vampires
Publisher: Empire Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, Kindle
ASIN: 1726338258
ISBN: 9781726338257

Metafalica has forbidden all magic. Those caught practicing it are executed. It is said that the Mages of Light, protectors of Elemia, shall one day restore peace.Eighteen-year-old Miracle just wants to survive her senior year of high school in peace with her friends, Annabelle, Bernice and Rose. There are only two problems with her plan; her hometown forbids magic and Miracle along with her friends are witches. Miracle knows that getting caught means facing execution. But when the new student, Irene informs them that they are the new Mages of Light, the legendary protectors of both mankind and non-humans, Miracle and her friends must decide if they are willing to risk everything to protect their town of persecutors or throw everything away to save their friend's life from an ancient prophecy.

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