Nicotine and Allspice
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Genres: Drama, Urban
Format: Paperback, Kindle
ISBN: 9781730758287
Jason has it all. Friends. Family. Career. Living in beautiful New York City. He has everything he needs to be happy. Despite this, however, he’s often overcome with emptiness in his life. A sense of loneliness. That changes when he meets Bryan, a smooth-talking, cigarette-smokingPrince Charming, whose captivating eyes mend his lonely heart. Jason thinks to himself that he’s found love. He feels complete. Until Jason realizes there's a price to pay for happiness. From one trial to the next, Jason’s love is tested. As he faces challenges more heartbreaking than the last, he finds himself begging for a break, a time to breathe. And in his journey through life and its difficulties, Jason starts to yearn for something worth fighting for. Something worth living for. Nicotine and Allspice is about a universe of love, and its possibilities; of life, and its adversities; and of happiness, and when it becomes enough.
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