The One Slap Rule
$8.45eBook: $3.99
Genre: Humor
Publisher: Empire Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9780998949642

Laughter. It's something that we all enjoy. Rudeness. It's something that we all hate.

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About the Book

Laughter. It’s something that we all enjoy. Rudeness. It’s something that we all hate.

The One Slap Rule, New Rules for a Happier Society, is both thought provoking and hilarious. In a world full of rudeness and aloofness, The One Slap Rule offers grand solutions that may cause snickers and loud belly laughs. Have you ever imagined slapping some sense into that obnoxious, inconsiderate jerk in your life? Have you ever wished that there was a great way to teach some badly needed manners right on the spot, without penalty? A One Slap society is certainly based in fantasy, but it is a blast to imagine.

The One Slap Rule addresses the irritants and the rudeness in our society with humor, wit, and humanity; things that we can all appreciate. Enter the One Slap Society and let your imagination run wild with slaps, smirks, and some good doses of reality. Let’s have a ball!

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