The Truth About Love: The Secrets to Finding Real Love, Amazing Romance, and Phenomenal Sex in an Era of De-Evolution
$19.95eBook: $6.99
Genres: Erotic, Humor, Self Help
Publisher: Empire Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: 442 pages
ASIN: 1492854026
ISBN: 9781492854029

If you are still breathing, have a heartbeat, not a narcissistic soul-sucking vampire, douche-bag or gutter tramp... you need this book! Male or Female, if you believe in love, want an unimaginable romance and mind-blowing sex... you need this book!

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About the Book

If you are still breathing, have a heartbeat, not a narcissistic soul sucking vampire, douche-bag or gutter tramp… you need this book! Male or Female, if you believe in love, want an unimaginable romance and mind blowing sex… you need this book! There are 96.6 million people single and lonely in America. That equates to 43% of the entire population. With numbers that high, it’s obvious that something has gone horribly wrong in society. Those truly seeking the love of his or her life need throw out everything they’ve read or been told in the past. Those typical relationship concepts are obsolete and archaic in practice. We live in a different world from the days when love and romance had meaning and significance. It’s a new playing field in the dark realm of single life, with hordes of psychopathic players, where love is disposable, and morals no longer exist. This is the era of human de-evolution, and you need the firepower to find the love of your life without experiencing one disaster after another. This book is equipped with all the ammunition needed to succeed in finding a true love, and maintaining it for a passionate, long-term, romantic relationship. With wide-range stupidity and appalling arrogance running rampant, there is no more time to be “politically correct” if we are ever to see a change for the better. The content of this book is gritty, raunchy, erotic, and laugh out loud funny with its George Carlin approach to humor that hits the mark in a full frontal attack on the morally bankrupt. It dives deep into the murky trenches where the foul underbelly of dating lies and what comes to the surface is shocking, vulgar, and offensive, but its refreshing no-holds-barred truth is exceptionally informative for this day and age. MEN ARE BOLTS, Women Are Nuts begins as an in-depth study of a morally bankrupt society that has made it almost impossible to find real love. It contains everything that a man or woman will ever need, including, healing from heartbreak, how to be successful at online dating, identifying and avoiding the love killers, sabotaging relationships, how the nice guy can win, approaching the opposite sex, the perfect first date, delivering an epic kiss, romantic tips, keeping passion alive and thriving, powerful sex, and much, much more. MEN ARE BOLTS, Women Are Nuts is the only book needed today to assist in finding a true love. This is it! The one book the world has been waiting for and is in dire need of. Are you ready to jump over rocks, side step venomous snakes, cross over bridges with Trolls lurking beneath, and walk the rugged path that leads to finding the love of your life? Okay then, step right up and hang on tight because it’s going to be a one wild ride. Against all odds, we are going to find real love and live happy, exciting, romantic, and passionate lives to its fullest. Orignally titled “Men Are Bolts, Women Are Nuts.”

About the Author
Steven K Craig

Steven K Craig's life so far has been one wild roller coaster ride after another. At a young age, he and a few friends set the pace for a new era of music with what is now the iconic heavy metal band Slayer. Steven closed his company Platinum Management & Direction to concentrate on another brainchild. His focus was then put on that as the creator of the music magazine Platinum Bound that featured the stars of tomorrow. Steven's pioneering ventures landing him in the music history books. Years later, he became recognized as one of the top graphic artists/air-brushers in the country, and once again, he set the pace for others to follow. This led Steven back into journalism. He wrote instructional articles for art magazines such as Airbrush Action. As the Internet began to take over and open up new possibilities, Steven created the first ever "fully interactive" digital magazine. AirbrushTechLive took digital publishing to a brand new level. Now he's doing it again in the literary world by breaking all the rules to produce literature that is unique, fresh, and staying true to everything he has done in the past, highly controversial in nature.

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