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Genres: Contemporary, Drama
Publisher: Empire Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback, Kindle
ASIN: 1091566127
ISBN: 9781091566125

Sydney Silverton's eyes had envisioned an affluent future after his feet strolled across the collegiate cloth and his fingers acquired his documents to success. However, his life veered off the road to a fame-filled excitement, and tumbled down a pedestrian path; a path that thrust him into a mundane existence and left him yearning for the moment to see his anguish melt into a distant memory, which snapped into fruition like a genie had appeared from a bottle. However, Royal living wore a bevy of colors; colors that will Propel your life into bliss, fraudulence, greed, and even the shivering stages of death if utilized with negligence and if Sydney's feet stumbled the slightest, he'd whirl into the latter and detach himself from the celestial love, his life's vision, and the modicum factors that stimulate his senses with glee.
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